The Savoury & The Sweet Beiruti Dip Duo

The Savoury & The Sweet Beiruti Dip Duo

The Savoury & The Sweet Beiruti Dip Duo Recipe

This time around, I present you with a double whammy blog post: two simple dips, the savoury & the sweet Beiruti dip duo recipe, that are sure to catapult you into Beirut in an instant!

The Savoury Dip: Garlic Mint Labneh

1 cup Labneh

1 clove Garlic, minced

10 leaves Fresh Mint

1/2 tsp Salt

1 tbsp Olive Oil

I really wasn’t joking about how simple it is to prepare these recipes! For the garlic mint Labneh, you want to chiffonade the fresh mint leaves then put them in a bowl with the Labneh, minced garlic and salt. (Disclaimer: I usually end up using some of the Toum (garlic sauce) leftover from our virtual cooking classes instead of the garlic cloves!) Mix them well. Then once plated, garnish the mixture with some olive oil and enjoy this delicious dip with some pita chips or a Zaatar pie (Authentic Lebanese Manaeesh)

The Sweet Dip: Carob Molasses and Tahini

1/2 cup Carob Molasses

2 tbsp Tahini

Yup, you read it! TWO INGREDIENTS!! And I believe by now you may have guessed that all you need to do is mix the two together, et voila! The one thing to note about this scrumptious sweet dip is that it pairs very well with sharp cheddars, parmesan cheese or even grilled halloumi. I have paired my carob molasses and tahini dip with cheese stuffed buns before and I gotta say it was perfect for my tastebuds. But be on your guard, one of the many health benefits of carob molasses is that it helps ease stomach problems if you catch my drift, so consume it in moderation!

And there you have it, the savoury & the sweet Beiruti dip duo that are quick and easy to put together if you get a sudden snack attack craving!

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