Chef Rawan’s Falafel Masterclass (Tuesday, June 15th @ 6PM-8PM ET)


Chef Rawan’s Falafel Masterclass – Authentic Lebanese Street Food

You can now travel from the comfort of your home and discover the delectable world of authentic Lebanese street food and tapas by cooking with me! Chef Rawan!

Who doesn’t like a piping hot deep-fried fluffy falafel puck? Let’s make some together with a zesty tahini sauce and quick-pickled turnips, you know which ones, the bright pink tangy suckers!

My classes are designed for the foodies (that’s you!) of any skill level who are curious to learn how to make yummy authentic Lebanese street food & tapas in their home with the hope that they eventually start cooking them with family and friends on a regular basis.

I’m originally from Beirut, Lebanon, and moved to Canada 5 years ago. I’m a professionally trained chef with over 10 years of experience as a cooking class instructor, culinary and pastry chef, and most importantly daughter to a Lebanese mama!

Want To See Me In Action?!

So How Does This Virtual Cooking Class Thing Work?

After payment is confirmed, you will receive an email within 24 hours giving you access to download PDFs of the grocery list (including potential substitutes), a list of equipment and kitchen utensils needed (including possible swaps), cooking class prep instructions (if applicable), full recipe, and ZOOM log-in details. Our live classes are moderated, which means you can ask questions and interact with me while you’re watching and cooking along!

Rawan’s Recommended Kitchen Staples

For most of my virtual classes, all you need is a chef knife, functional stovetop and oven, a cutting board, 2L sauce pot with lid (either non-stick or stainless steel works!), and last but not least A FOOD PROCESSOR! I can’t stress this enough! It is one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen and a great investment. I personally use this kitchen aid food processor that you can purchase HERE.

Prefer a Private Cooking Class Event with Friends, Family, or Colleagues?

We LOVE hosting private virtual cooking classes! Click HERE to learn more.

Schedule & Menu

Tuesday, June 15th @ 6PM-8PM ET: Let’s make some deep-fried fluffy falafel pucks together with a zesty tahini sauce and quick-pickled turnips, you know which ones, the bright pink tangy suckers!


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1-on-1 (Basic Cooking Skills), Couple (Basic Cooking Skills), Groups of 3 to 5 (Basic Cooking Skills)

Monthly Series

Monthly Series – Basics of Cooking


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