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Business Update

Unfortunately, we no longer offer in-home cooking class experiences. You can still experience a Rebels in the Kitchen cooking class in a virtual setting or in person at the beautiful gite O’bordeleau B&B in Luskville, Quebec! Please head over to our private virtual cooking classes page for more information on our virtual classes.




Ottawa/Gatineau’s Unique In-Home Cooking Classes!

Hi there! I’m Chef Rawan Al Wadaa and would like to offer you an all-inclusive cooking experience in the comfort of your home!  I offer classes on the basics of cooking, authentic Lebanese dishes, and delicious desserts each lasting between 2 to 3 hours. For larger groups, I like to kick it up a notch and throw you a Cooking Party which lasts between 4 to 6 hours. I understand that we don’t know each other (yet!) and that inviting someone in your home to cook is not something you do every day. That’s why I designed my classes to be all-inclusive, stress-free and fun!

Take a peek at my class menus below, listen to your bellies and dive into an unforgettable immersive cooking experience! I have a really simple form for you to fill out to help me better understand your dietary preferences and restrictions when you’re ready to book a class. You can give me a call first if you prefer at 613-618-0555 or email me directly at

I look forward to cooking with you!

*Servicing the Ottawa/Gatineau area

So What Does All-Inclusive Really Mean?

We come to you!

We bring the pots, pans and cookware, but you will provide the dinnerware (New COVID protocol)

We sanitize our equipment pre & post-event on-site. (New COVID protocol)

We take care of the groceries for the night.

Safety first! Everyone learns useful knife skills from the get-go.

We leave your kitchen spotless!

You get instructions from a professionally trained chef.

We host the event from start to finish.

Everyone receives a digital recipe booklet.

Carefully selected and affordable wine pairings.

We bring a portable sound system and our very own curated playlists.

1-on-1 & Couples Cooking Classes

All-inclusive, immersive & fun cooking classes in the comfort of your home!

Basic Cooking Skills

Sometimes cooking seems like a struggle when you’re staring blankly at your fully-stocked fridge that you give up and settle for frozen pizza! Been there, done that, I get it!! After years of cooking, and I have been cooking for 15 years now, I cracked the code to browsing through my pantry & fridge and blackbox challenging myself into whipping up a quick & tasty dinner! But I wouldn’t be able to do any of this if I didn’t know legit cooking fundamentals WHICH I CAN TEACH YOU! So if you want to get your cooking groove on, book a basic cooking skills class with me.


Knife skills 101 – Learn how to chop like a chef, why certain sizes and shapes of cuts are used and when to use them.

Stocks, sauces and dressings – Learn the basics and start cooking anxiety-free.


*All prices do not include HST

1-on-1: 150$

Couples: 275$

Groups (3 to 5): 100$/person

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A Taste of the Mediterranean

Let me take you on a trip to my hometown Beirut, Lebanon! I promise that you won’t regret experiencing the authentic flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean.  You will learn hands-on knife skills that will launch you into the world of cooking, authentic Lebanese dishes and their many variations and some tips and tricks on how to manage food waste in your kitchen.

Cooking Classes Menu Options

1. Kibbeh with Cucumber Yogurt, Fattoush

2. Shawarma (Beef or Chicken) and respective sides

3. Non-vegan/Vegan Stews and Vermicelli Rice

4. Roasted Chicken with Mixed Nuts and Spiced Rice

5. Kafta kebab (variations), Baba Ghannouj, Tabbouli

6. Mezze sides: Spicy Potatoes, Cheese Rolls, Tabbouli or Fattoush, Hummus or Baba Ghannouj, Merguez Sausages


*All prices do not include HST

1-on-1: 150$ excluding wine pairings or 210$ includes a wine pairing

Couples: 275$ excluding wine pairings or 335$ includes wine pairing

Groups (3-5): 100$/person excluding wine pairings or 120$/person includes a wine pairing

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Sweet Sweet Lebanon

Who amongst us doesn’t like desserts? This class is where we can have the most fun because nothing is set in stone. I will work with you on creating a menu for this class based on your preferences whether it is traditional Lebanese desserts or Lebanese inspired desserts, the sky is the limit for this one and your capacity to handle a sugar rush!

Cooking Classes Menu Options

Lebanese Desserts: Baklava/Rice Pudding (Vegan Option Available) / Maamoul (delicious stuffed cookies)


*All prices do not include HST

1-on-1: 150$

Couples: 275$

Groups (3-5) : 100$/person

À la carte : Pricing varies

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College Send-off

If you are preparing your teen to leave the nest and they are dreading having to survive their college years off of instant ramen and cereal, then book them a “College Send-off” session. We’ll tackle all the hacks they need to know to make the best out of their transition years into the world of independent adulthood! Who said adulting always needs to be stressful?


Learn Knife skills 101 – Techniques on how to chop like a chef.

Learn how to make the best of your future cooking space – crockpot recipes, quick & easy ramen, soups & stews.

Explore how to reinvent yesterday’s meals to reduce waste and save money.


*All prices do not include HST

1-on-1: 150$

Parent / Teen: 275$

Groups (3-5) : 100$/person

A delicious gift – eGift Cards



*Make sure to check out our availability by taking a look at our bookings calendar below.

Group Classes / Cooking Parties

Have a few more friends who also want to experience a class? You also have the option of hosting a group cooking class, or what we like to call a Cooking Party, in your home. We will entertain you and your guests, teach knife skills 101, bring all of the food, offer wine/beer pairings from our partnered sommelier, provide all of the cooking gear (for an additional 20$/person cutlery and dinnerware is included), bring a Bluetooth sound system to create the mood with our curated playlists, and additional party amenities if desired (e.g. live entertainment). You and your guests will also receive a digital recipe booklet containing the menu items with the wine pairing notes! Group cooking classes usually last between 4 to 5-hrs. Watch the video below to get a taste of what to expect! **Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the magical appearance of fireworks during your cooking party**

Our basic pricing of 100$ per guest (120$ per guest for dinnerware and cutlery) is for groups of 6 to 12 HOWEVER we are always accepting requests for fewer or more guests (we can go up to 200 if you want)! Give me a call at 613-618-0555 or send an email at with details and let’s start cooking together!

Basic pricing for groups of 6 to 12
$ / person + HST) * includes wine pairings 

*Pricing varies for groups of 5 and under*

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We have amazing themes to choose from that will make for an unforgettable delicious event for everyone! Simply choose a theme for your evening and fill in the intake form below “I want to sign-up to a cooking class”.  You can always give me a call if you prefer at 613-618-0555 or email me directly at 

*Make sure to check out my availability by taking a look at the bookings calendar below.

Arabian Nights

(All season service)

Let us take you on a trip to the Mediterranean as we immerse you in the flavors, aromas and sounds of a dining experience in Lebanon. You will learn how to make the staples you love from scratch and experience all of what makes a Beiruti dinner party in the comfort of your own home!

Possible menu options: Chicken Shawarma, Garlic Sauce & Fattoush Salad.

Vegans Unite

(All season service)

Are you looking to spice up your plant-based life? Tired of the same ol’ tofu flavors (or lack thereof)? Are you just curious about the meat-less path? Rebels ITK calls upon all vegans to come elevate and innovate everything vegan!

Possible menu options: Roasted Cauliflower with Zesty Tahini Dressing, Stuffed Vine Leaves & Baba Ghannouj.

Game Night Appies

(All season service)

Whether it is board games, video games or the super bowl, every game night needs some badass appies! Learn how to make from scratch wings, nachos, dips and more that would put any sports bar menu to shame!!

Possible menu options: BBQ Wings, Nachos, Egg Rolls & Dips.

À la carte cooking class

Are you looking to fully customize your cooking class? Contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

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