About Us

Rebels in the Kitchen is a fun, innovative, and daring food business founded by Lebanese Chef Rawan Al Wadaa and her French Canadian husband Donald Charette. Being rebels at heart they decided to merge their diverse interests and skills: love of story telling, food, art, dogs and entrepreneurship, and embark on a wild adventure together.


Our vision is to become known as the fun, innovative, and daring food business that offers awesome immersive food experiences that inspire people from around the world to cook and share.


Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between people and food.

Rawan Al Wadaa

Head Chef

A chef who approaches food with so much passion, I love to accompany my food with stories. What I put on my plate is a representation of my dreams and memories of growing up in Mount Lebanon. For me, food is not merely sustenance – it is an expression of love, of culture, and of experimentation!

For as long as I can remember, I spent most of my time in the kitchen watching and learning from my mother, so it goes without saying, I discovered my passion for cooking at an early age. As an awkward teen, I always expressed myself through baking, using it as a medium to reach out and connect with the world. I made lots of friends at school because of my killer double chocolate fudge brownies!! I didn’t pursue a culinary career at first. I went to Art Achool, graduated with a Studio Arts degree and went on to teach art for a year. However, through my journey as an artist and food lover, I later found myself working as the lead cake decorator and fondant sculptor at Secrets, one of the top patisseries in Lebanon. Five years later, my journey brought me to Ottawa where I pursued a Culinary Management Degree from Algonquin College, landed a job as a pastry chef at one of Ottawa’s most renouned fine-dining restaurants Beckta and later as a kitchen manager at award-winning Stella Luna Gelato Cafe. Meanwhile, I gave cooking classes with a main focus on Lebanese cuisine, Vegan cooking and desserts. Finally as I professional chef leading my own venture, I use food as a way of introducing myself and presenting my culture to people anywhere I go in the world. 

Through Rebels ITK, I hope to encourage as many people as I can to explore the wonders of the kitchen and to always experiment and have fun when cooking!

For a more comprehensive overview of my credentials click here: Rawan Al Wadaa – CV

Don Charette

Project Manager

The best way to sum up my personality is from a quirky t-shirt I received as a gift from Roe. It portrays a sketch of a very happy monster screaming “Isn’t being alive amazing!?”

For the past 10 years I have worked with and for the Government of Canada, academic and private institutions, arts sector organisations, private, municipal, academic, and local partners on community-based environmental and health related projects. I also have a creative side producing high-quality photography, music and video productions, and managing large-scale artistic events under my previous business venture Naskigo Productions. My past employers and clients include Health Canada (FNIHB), Carleton University, McMaster University, The History Group (Truth and Reconciliation Commission), Ottawa Chamberfest, La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins, École secondaire publique De La Salle, and AMEC. I hold a Hrs. B.Sc. Major in Biology, Minor in Chemistry degree from the University of Ottawa.

I am honoured to have co-founded Rebels ITK as it is grounded in many of my fundamental values such as supporting local economies, spending time with family and friends, enjoying delicious food, and most of all creating innovative and community-based experiences for people to continue to enjoy cooking and sharing!

For a more comprehensive overview of my credentials click here: Don Charette – CV


Team Leader

In Old Norse texts, Odin is a revered god depicted as one-eyed, long-bearded, frequently wielding a spear named Gungnir, and wearing a cloak and a broad hat. While our Odin does not wield a spear, he does wear a fury cloak and somewhat of a broad hat. We love him dearly and appreciate his zesty personality, crumb-cleaning skills and culinary finesse.